Carry the Weight Records



Who runs Carry The Weight records?

CTW is run by myself (Pat) and Tomas

Where are you located?


How long have you been running the label?

We have been running it since 2009. Wow, time flies by.


What inspired you to start your own label?

At the time, Dead & Gone Records (which was THE hardcore label in the UK) was winding down. We didn’t see anything going on at the time that could fill the void so we started CTW to help maintain the type of hardcore we wanted to see in the UK. Tomas and I also had a band called Never Again and CTW was a useful tool to release our own records through.

Are you involved with your own musical projects as well as the label?

Yes indeed. I currently play in Sectarian Violence (early 80’s sxe hardcore punk), Inherit (NYHC crossover), Wayfarer (90’s clevo/metallic hardcore) and Final Rage (Right Brigade/No Warning kinda vibe). Tomas also plays in Wayfarer and another band called Hang the Bastard (Metal/Sludge).


What do you look for in a CTW band?

A band full of good/honest dudes who know the genre well and are doing it for the right reasons. From a more practical perspective, it helps A LOT when a band is pro-active and plays/tours often due to how expensive it is to press vinyl these days.

How do you feel about the current trend of hardcore bands in the UK/Europe?

I think it is better now than it has been for a good few years, definitely in the UK anyway. It used to be the case that promoters would have to rely on a big touring American band to get kids through the door. But more and more now we see UK bands drawing in the most people and smashing it. Its really great to see and extremely positive.


Has the annual Carry The Weight fest been an important part of CTW?

Of course! Both fests we have done previously have been a great success and really help spread the word about the label. It gets better every year so I look forward to doing as many as possible.

What motivates you to keep putting out records and getting new bands out to the world?

Probably the fact that this subculture means a lot to us and has given so much. The ‘outside’ world gets darker and darker and I want no part of it.

Do you have any releases coming out soon we should check out?

Yeah for sure: Mind Trap 7″, Final Rage 12″, Abyss 7″ and the Sectarian Violence LP are highly recommended. Will all be out by the end of the year.


What up and coming bands should everyone check out and why?

THE FLEX. Listen and you will understand why.

What do you see in the near future for Carry The Weight records?

Just to keep putting out records from bands we think are awesome. Having the annual fest and working with some more bands from overseas.

Thanks very much for your time, any final words of wisdom?

Thanks for your interest in the label and for doing the interview! Shout out to my boy Peach who just moved out to Australia. Free Your Mind rules, go vegan, collect Warhammer and listen to Prince XXX


Now check out some of this insane footage for past CTW Fests.


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