Driven Fear


Who is Driven Fear?

We’re just 5 dudes that enjoy punk rock and hardcore.

How long have you been a band?

We started playing together early high school, which was 2000. Just a young bunch of dudes jamming in a garage and playing local events and school parties. Df came about at the end of 04′ and that was when we decided to take more of a serious approach. We tracked a demo and yeah.. the rest is history. 8 years later and here we are.

What motivated you to start a band of this nature?

The music and bands we listened to. We all grew up on 90’s fat wreck punk rock, then as we got older the hardcore side of things made its way in. So yeah I guess being influenced by political and socially aware bands definitely gave us the drive to start Df.


You’ve actually been together for quite some time now, what would you say is the key to your longevity?

Just the fact that we’re good mates. Df was never started in order to make it big and get hyped. We’re just dudes that enjoy what we do and if people listen and like, well then thats a bonus. It’s the weekly hang and practice that keep this band going. As individuals we need to get together weekly and write, cos’ it keeps us sane. Sure that may sound cliche or whatever, but its true man. With out that outlet, we’d just be 5 normal Paul’s working mon-fri and saving money for shit we don’t need. Over the years we’ve experienced times we never thought possible and we’ve made loads of new friends through touring and recording and I guess it’s those opportunities that keep Df afloat.

Can you highlight some of your key influences musically and culturally?

We all have slightly different individual tastes, but as a whole, it was bands like Good Riddance, Strung Out, Rise Against, Comeback Kid, Raised Fist, AFI and The Offspring  that pulled us into what we do. Outside of punk/hardcore, you’ll find us listening to anything from Blues to Metal to Hip Hop to Funk. It’s good to have a wide range of tastes, it gives you that little edge when sitting down and writing.


What message do you try to project, and what do you stand for as people?

We like to write about loads of different topics, a lot them being very socially aware. Writing lyrics that kids will read and (hopefully) relate to. We try to keep our messages positive and educational. We enjoy the idea that someone may read our lyrics and learn from them. Why intentionally write something bland and boring? As for what we stand for, it’s equality more than anything. Treat people as you would like to be. There is no room for racism, violence or any of that bullshit. The hardcore scene is (was) meant to be a place for people to bring their indifferences, not a place to be judged and shunned. Talk to strangers and get to know one another. Shit, these days kids only know one another by their usernames and profile pictures. The traditional act of ‘speech’ is out the window. It’s as if people are too scared to communicate, yet they’ll comment on threads and put their two cents in everywhere online while they’re hidden behind a keyboard. It’s annoying.

Your new record, “Contender” came out last year, how has this been received so far?

We’re stoked with the feedback we’ve received so far. Pete Pee forwards us reviews on the regular. They come from all sorts of blogs and zines from all over the world, and ‘touch wood’ they’ve been cool so far. We invested a lot of time and effort into ‘Contender’ and there is nothing better than hearing positive feedback. Thank you to the people that have let us know they dig what we do. Nothing keeps a bands attitude high more than good feedback. If you hear something you like, tell the band. Let em know you’re into it. It’s what keeps em’ going.


Are you working on any new material right now?

We are. We’re recording 3 new tracks at the moment for a possible 7″. Writing for the next full length is underway, but a few of our members are going to be travelling for a couple months, so we figured a 7″ would be a cool stepping stone between records. I guess keep an eye out online for more details when we have em.

What will new Driven Fear sound like?

A little bit different, but still fast and still heavy.

Can you describe the Driven Fear live show?

Not really hahaha, I don’t get to see us play too often. I guess it all depends on the energy of the crowd. We’ve played shows to crossed arms before, and I can tell you we were just as bored as they looked. However when someone is really enjoying themselves, we tend to do the same and it shows.


You recently completed your first West Coast tour, how did you find this to be?

Awesome. We were lucky enough to jump on the Antagonist AD shows which was really cool. Everyone we met was great and the shows all ruled. A big thank you to Mossy and the Vanity crew for putting us up and showing us a good time.

What bands from your area should we be keeping an eye out for?

Qld bands to keep an eye on would be Vile Eye, Promises, Against, Thick Skin, Deadlift, Headaches, Army Of Champions, Ghost Town, Satellite Years, Brazen, Strength Through Purity, Survival, The Final Fall, Nuclear Summer, The Fevered, Marathon, Trust and Fall, Milestones and Deciever. From punk rock to metal. All said bands are currently active and worth a look in.

What lies in the future for Driven Fear?

A new release, some more shows and yeah, good times. Our goal at the moment is to get another full length out and try to jump on a national tour. I guess we’ll just see how it all pans out.

Thanks heaps for your time, any final thoughts?

Be good to ya’ mother.



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