Who is Eris?

Kalem- vocals, Charlotte- bass, Luke- drums & Martine- guitar

Can you give a brief history of the band’s short existence?

We’ve been together for about 12 months and have only played a handful of gigs around Perth.

What motivated you to start a band of this nature?

We wanted to play in a band together and we all enjoy the same music. When we started we had a round about idea of what we wanted to play but it’s all been pretty organic

Does the name Eris, being the Greek god of chaos, reflect the style of music you play?

We didn’t set to choose a name that would represent the style of music we play, rather we were looking for a name that wasn’t aggressive and Eris came up. We liked the duality of the Greek character and that it represented destruction as well as renewal.



Who would you say your major influences have been?

When we write music we’re inspired by plenty of genres; anything from doom to d-beat, black metal, post-hardcore and even folk. Everything from A to Zebra 🙂

Can you explain the content of Eris’ lyrics and image?

Any imagery for Eris is driven by our sound and our personal taste. Lyrically we write about our response to our surroundings which usually turn out to be scathing, blunt messages that push for change

How do you approach the writing process?

One of us will bring in a riff or a song and then we pull it apart or build on it together until we’re all happy with the outcome

What did you set out to achieve with your first EP?

Something that we could be happy with and something that our friends could enjoy

What lies ahead for Eris?

We have plans to play outside of Perth in the near future and to record an LP at the end of the year

Thanks you for your time, any final thoughts?

Thanks for the interview. Mike’s a good guy.


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