The Hunt


Who is The Hunt?

The Hunt is Adam on Guitar, Zaheer on Guitar, Dan on Bass, Oli on Drums and me (Troy) on Vocals. We are a Band from Perth, Western Australia.

Can you give a brief run down of the history of the band?

The Hunt started in early 2010 when the band I was doing vocals in at the time had started to come to an end. Danny and I had often talked about the idea of doing something together, separately Luke and I had a similar discussion. Luke knew Oli, who I didn’t know very well at the time. Adam and I are old friends, being in bands together before The Hunt. Danny and I had originally asked a friend of ours to play Bass, but he changed his mind before our first rehearsal. I asked Adam to fill in for the first Jam, and he decided to stay, which was rad.

The Original line up was Danny on Guitar, Luke on Guitar, Adam on Bass, Oli on Drums and me on Vocals. We played some shows and recorded a Demo Tape with our friend Micky at the end of 2010. We did not play many shows after recorded as band members all had “real life” shit happening at one time or another. We recorded a LP with Al at Bergerk! Recording Studios, which was finished in late 2011. We played one more show with this line up at the Pen in December 2011. Not long after we played the last show Danny left The Hunt to pursue other musical projects, and then a few months later Luke also left.

We asked our mutual friend Dan to play Bass as Adam was going to now play Guitar. I was overseas for 3 months in mid 2012, when I returned it was apparent we still all wanted another Guitar, so we asked Zaheer to join. This is our current lineup. The Hunt recently played 2 shows (Ten Minute Fest and Drowning Horse LP Launch@Dream).

What was your main motivation to start this project?

The fact there were no bands in Perth playing a similar style at the time was a motivator for me personally, as it was for some of the other guys. More importantly, all of us were listening to a lot of music that inspired us to play, and somewhere in the overlap of all our combined musical tastes was what The Hunt became.

How would you describe what The Hunt sounds like?
Its pretty accurate describe us as being a heavy D-Beat band that has Punk, Hardcore and Metal influences. That is a pretty vague description, but yet somewhat apt. Being in The Hunt, I find it hard to sit outside the band and hear us like someone else would. We have been described by others as sounding mournful, crushing, angry and unrelenting.

Who would you say have been your major musical influences on this band?
Skitsystem, Tragedy, Fall of Efrafa, Martyrdod and so many bands that are both related and unrelated to what we sound like. I am influenced in some way by every band I have ever put on repeat.

Can you elaborate on the content of your songs? (lyrics etc.)
We have written about topics such as Warfare for profit, Australias disregard for its Indigeonous Peoples welfare, Debt as slavery.. but there have always been more misanthropic songs that are about despair, depression, self loathing and profound sadness. None of our songs offer any answers, they are just observations from a point of view. A point of view that seemed important enough to write about at the time. We rarely have printed lyrics in the past. I actually like it in some cases if a band has no lyrics available, it is kind of a layer of abstraction over the Vocals and makes it into more of an instrument. That being said I have a lot of words I want to put out there so people understand what The Hunt is about, so I expect we will have lyrics available in any future releases.

What is going through your mind when you are playing live?

I get lost in the music of each song, in some way reliving the emotions I felt when writing the lyrics. As best I know how, I try to be honest and just do vocals, don’t over think it and just do the song as best I can.

How do you approach the writing process?
One of the us will have a riff or an idea for a song or something closer to a complete song. Some songs come together almost instantly, but others take a while, so we always have quite a few songs in the rotation. Usually I am dicking around with ideas for vocals and have scribbled some illegible words on a scrap of paper somewhere.

What have you released so far?

We released a Self Titled Demo Tape in 2011, limited to a handful of copies. We recently released the Shrine EP, which is a reissue of the Demo Tape on CD and the track Shrine from the as yet unreleased LP we recorded in 2011.

Are you currently working on new material?
We are working on new material and its coming together really well. We played 2 new songs at our last 2 shows, and should have some more for our next show.

What can we expect from these new songs?

Our sound is definitely evolving, but we are still the same band. The newer stuff is still heavy and dark, if anything more so than before. We will always sound like The Hunt in some way.

What lies in the near future for The Hunt?
We have a show on the 13th of October at The Den for the Eris EP Launch. Other bands playing are Helta Skelta, Grief Contest and Mt. Mtn. Besides this, we will continue to write new material.

Thanks heaps for your time, any final thoughts?

Thanks for having me. The Demo Tape is available for free download at our Band Camp Check out Eris,  and come to their EP launch.



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