Worst Possible Outcome



Who is Worst Possible Outcome?

WPO- Relentless Hardcore Punk from the most isolated city on earth. Members are Adzy (me)- Vocals, Mitch – Guitar/Vocals, Dwyer- Guitar/Vocals, Toddy – Bass, and Shaun – Drums

You haven’t been a band for that long really, can you give a brief history of WPO?

Well originally i decided i wanted to put together a band like this about 2 years ago, me and Toddy jammed with a lot of different people in early 2011 but nothing really Jelled so we kind of put the idea on the shelf. Toddy went off to do one of his other bands and i was left kind of holding my hat in my hands. Lots of people were interested in forming bands but it seemed like everyone wanted to play more progressive hardcore with millions of effects pedals and jangly guitars or play music exactly like all the flavor of the month bands, which is great don’t get me wrong but it’s just not what i want to do.

I was actually getting really frustrated but then i caught up with Shaun Edge (From the Ruins, Born into Suffering etc.) who i hadn’t seen for years at Ringworm/Mindsnare. He kicked me in the face a few times in the pit and then i called him up a few weeks later and told him about my idea for the band, from the get go he seemed to understand exactly where i was coming from and we agreed to give it a go.

We tried out a few guitarists and ended up with Dwyer. We then brought in Mitch to play Bass originally, but after seeing he had some decent chops we told him he was now our lead guitarist. This now left us with an opening for Bass player so after trying out a few different guys we brought in Toddy and Worst.Possible.Outcome was born.

This whole process took about 6 months and during this time despite not having a steady lineup we managed to write most of the set we play now, plus a lot of other ideas we put on the shelf for later. We recorded a Demo and some tracks for a 7″ in early June and played our first gig at the end of that month. Since then we’ve been playing a steady rate of good shows with pretty solid lineups. Whilst being careful not to overdo it. We’d rather play once or twice a month and have 100 people turn up than twice a week and have 10 turn up.


What did you set out to achieve when forming the band?

Me personally, i suppose i wanted to form a band that was a fitting nod of the head to the music of my youth whilst still being relevant in todays “Scene” (i don’t really like using that word but you get what i mean) and bringing something new to the game. I didn’t just want to be a tribute band and sound exactly like some band that was huge in the late 80’s or early 90’s cause that would just be a bit of a cop out/ novelty act. But i did want to fly the flag for all those great bands that i fear are being forgotten about by a lot of younger bands these days. And i mean you can’t really blame them, a lot of them weren’t even born then and if they were very very young so you can’t expect them to have a strong knowledge of Old School Hardcore. I mean I’m 30 and Toddy’s 32 and Shaun is 34 and even we weren’t actively involved in punk and HC in its golden era. But we were lucky enough to all grow up with guys a little bit older than us who turned us onto some great stuff.

*Kids note, this was in a wonderful time before the Interwebs, mail order mix tapes reigned supreme!


How would you describe the WPO sound?

To me it’s hard to nail it down exactly because we are really conscious to avoid sounding like any other bands, i supposed to put it in words i would say “Pissed Off, Aggressive, Working Class, 1988”

Who would you say are your major influences to date?

Vocally i would say Toe To Toe, Early SOIA, Warzone and Bones Brigade. As far as we are concerned as a whole Judge is a pretty big one, Minor Threat and Suicidals. We all like pretty different kinds of bands so narrowing it down gets difficult. But those bands listed are a good start. Although it should be noted that we probably don’t sound anything like those bands specifically.


What motivate you as people to do what you do?

Well you’ve gotta do something don’t you, I’m shit at football and punk rock was my friend from a young age so as soon as I was old enough I started playing in bands. I’ve always done a lot of writing even before that so for me it’s always been about getting my thoughts from paper to music. I wouldn’t really call myself a musician or anything. Front man and Vocalist/lyricist but not a musician.  As for the other guys they are genuinely talented people who enjoy playing music. They would be at home playing guitar or drums or whatever in their bedrooms if they weren’t doing it live.

Can you describe the lyrical content of WPO and what it is you’re trying to express?

As varied as the lyrical content in our songs are I think the underlying msg would be to not just blindly except your fate and the hand that society has dealt you. Think about shit; think about your place in the world and where you want to be.

Don’t be swayed by the media or peer pressure. Don’t just like a certain band or Artist or idea just because the Media or all your fucking Facebook friends tell you to.

And on the other end of the spectrum don’t just be appose something just because everyone else around you is doing the same.

Ask questions, read stuff, use Google, know exactly WHY you love or hate something so much.  If something pisses you off use your brain and figure out if there is anything you can do as an individual to change it, and it might be nearly impossible to change it or the world but one thing you CAN change is your attitude.



What are your thoughts on the Perth hardcore scene these days?


Well if you’re asking about these days as oppose to ten years ago I think things are certainly a lot different now.  I think in general hardcore is more accessible now than it was before. This in turn makes it a lot more popular so more people start getting involved, going to shows, starting bands etc. When things like this happen and a lot more people are put into the mix you get a certain amount of dilution and suddenly people who once held the scene very dear and knew everybody/went to every show without fail start to get disillusioned because it doesn’t feel like the same tight knit family it once did or they don’t like the way things have changed and for some reason or another they no longer are an active part of the scene. Likewise with huge amounts of bands around now (bands as a whole hardcore/metal core/ metal/grind/power violence) people suddenly have more choice and only go see certain bands, where once if there was any kind of hardcore show on they would be there because it was reasonably rare event.  Also due to the fact that anyone with an Internet connection now has access to nearly every song ever recorded means that people can get there hardcore fix at home or on their iPod where once upon a time for a band to even have a recording out was a big deal and you actually had to go to their show to get it. I think the hardcore scene has always been about a community as well, before social media shows were a way for people to make new friends and see their mates they hadn’t seen all week. Now people catch up on Death Book or MSN or whatever so they don’t need to go out to stay in the loop.


All these are not negative points though, it’s just how things change and I’m sure this is the same all around the world.

To focus on the positive I think there is a massive amount of talent in Perth,  younger bands are really good straight off the mark, constantly raising the bar musically, there are also lot more accessible venues than there have been in the past making it easier to put on shows etc.  I’ve noticed there are also a lot more small promoters out there putting on shows/tours etc. which always keeps things ticking along and sparking new interest and makes it easier for new bands to get a start. And the fact that we are so isolated from the rest of Australia and a much smaller city does on occasion work in our favor because as a whole, Perth Hardcore bands have to work together to keep the scene alive. Unity in full effect!


What do you think should be the most important factor of a community such as this?

Just support each other, Don’t back stab, no bitching, no egos, help out other bands, if a touring band needs gear lend it to them, if a band you’ve never heard of comes on tour consider checking em out cause Perth is a fucking long way from anywhere else. You’d be surprised what people remember and one day they’ll return the favor.

Are you working on any new material at the moment?

Were currently writing for another 7”, we’ve got a split 7” with Mouthguard coming out in December and we want to follow that up with a 7” EP in the first half of next year and get to the east coast.  We’ve already had a few offers to tour but we want to take a solid release with us and show Australia how it’s done.

What can we expect from new Worst Possible Outcome?

The stuff we are writing seems to be getting Faster, Heavier and more Violent. We’ve still got the same sound and same vibe but the more we write the more our sound seems to be progressing. It’s probably going to fall into the basket of being too punk to be hardcore and too hardcore to be punk.  But that’s fine by us, we’re all grownups and doing this as much for us as anybody else so as long as we like were happy. And the few other people that have heard the stuff we are working on seem to like it too.

Can you describe the WPO live experience?

The short answer, about 14 minutes of raw, in your face aggression. And I say in your face because that’s exactly where I’ll be. I’m not really a fan of staying on stage when we play.


Any shows coming up in October/November we should check out?

Yeah in October we have a few shows with our mates Tikdoff to launch our split demo reissue that we’ve just had pressed to Cassette. Fri 12th Oct @ Civic and an AA show @ Stream on Sat 20th. Then we are taking November off before out split 7” launch shows when Mouthguard come over from QLD in December.

Thanks for your time, any final words?

I’d just like to give big props to all the old Perth punk and Hardcore bands that paved the road for us. PC Thug, Negative Reply, Boredom, Mutt, AIDS, Rupture,  and anyone else who ever played at the Grosvenor back room.





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