Young And In The Way

I started listening to Young And In The Way a while ago now, it’s a strange name I know, but these are some strange guys making awesome music. It’s really bad to say, but I have completely ignored bands in the past just because of a shitty name, but with so many bands in existence these days, can you blame me? Anyway, every band deserves to have their music be their sole judgement point, and I’m glad I made that effort, because I was immediately drawn in by the atmosphere the band was able to generate in their music, as well as drawing their influences heavily from many of the bands that are a staple in my musical diet from Mayhem to Neurosis. Now the interview is somewhat brief, to say the least. It’s kind of a bummer, because I really wanted to get an insight into the minds of these guys, but at the same time, I was pretty much expecting it to turn out like this, very vague, very mysterious, and it somewhat makes me like the band even more. So my advice would be, just go and listen to the band, you can get their records from A389 and Antithetic Records, as well as a few other labels, or just download it and make up your own mind.


Who is Young And In The Way?

Four like-minded individuals.

Can you give a brief history of the band?


Can you explain the content of YAITW’s music?


Who have your greatest influences been, musically and culturally?

We would rather not discuss this


There looks to be a large visual aspect to the band, can you explain this?

I’m not sure what there is to explain or how to explain it but we would rather people take away what they will concerning any visual aspect.

Can you describe a YAITW live experience?

This goes back to the visual aspect. People experience and react to us live in different ways. To get an accurate take on what we are like live you would need to ask a person who has been in attendance. On stage, it is a violent worship of the dark.

How do you transmit the mood and depth of recording into the live format?

I wouldn’t say this is something we attempt to do. Recording a YAITW record is a completely different process than performing live. Recording and the live format are like two parallel universes for us as they contain similar structures but always have different outcomes.


Can you explain the concept behind the video for “the gathering”?

You would need to speak to John at 93 Million Miles. He is a brilliant director and cinematographer and you would be privileged to speak to him about his work


Does the barren nature of this landscape reflect the mood and sound of YAITW?

I think that based on the eye of the beholder. However, I would say North Carolina (USA) Winters do have an impact on our sound and mood.

How do you approach the writing process?

With four open minds exploring all possibilities.

Are you working on any new material now?

We are always working on something new.

You seem to be releasing new songs pretty friendly, does this attribute to this process?

The writing process and release process are also two very different things. We write freely and continuously. We record when our material has seen the appropriate amount of preparation. We release whenever we feel the material has reached a final stage.

What will new YAITW sound like?

Like we turned out the lights in heaven and opened the gates to a starving pack of wolves.

What lies ahead for YAITW?

We are preparing to release a split 7″ with Withdrawal (A389 Recordings), a split 7″ with Moral Void (Antithetic Records) and we are currently working on a new LP to see a release in early 2013 (A389 Recordings).



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