Bryan Proteau a.k.a. Cloven Hoov


Bryan Proteau is an illustrator from San Fransisco who works under the name of Cloven Hoov, I found his work through the artwork he’s done for a whole heap of bands around the world including Gottesmorder, Obolus and Lycus. Check out his work at and tell your friends.


Can you introduce yourself, and briefly describe what it is you do?

My name is Bryan Proteau aka Cloven Hoov. I’m 22 and live in San Francisco, California and I draw for Natvres Mortes Illvstration.

At what age did you realize you wanted to make a living out of art?

That’s hard to say. I always wanted to be a tattoo artist and to me that was the most realistic way to make money through art because I had no expectations of being a gallery artist or a commissioned artist. Even now I’m still dreaming of that day when I can make a living from art. And I still want to be a tattoo artist.


What inspires you to create this style of work?

Many different things. Directly, the work of Goya, German printmakers, symbolist painters and a handful of modern illustrators shape where I want to be visually. It is also a reflection of the music too and the music I am hired to create visuals for.

The Imagery you portray is very dark and occultish, can you explain why you choose to work with this style?

I’m participating in an artistic tradition thousands of years old. The fascination with the darker side of things is present throughout art history. This kind of imagery just moves certain individuals more than others. The occult aspect that is present in some of the pieces is more aesthetics than a profound understanding of the occult.


How does music play an important part in your creative process?

It’s totally crucial. If I’m working for a band I’m not familiar with I need to immerse myself in their music to see what I can come up with to represent them visually. Or if I’m going for a specific feel, like more black metal, I’ll put on some black metal.

What do you like to listen to when working on a piece?

Anything in my collection really. But I really enjoy listening to more “loose” stuff like Horseback, Locrian, Time Hecker, Mamiffer or the first two Grails records when drawing.


Have you been in bands yourself?

No, and I’ve always wanted to be. Making art for bands is kind of my way of being part of that community and feeling that sort of camaraderie I imagine comes with being in a band and touring etc.

Did this help to broaden your artistic vision as well?

Working with bands on projects has expanded my artistic vision, totally. I’ve drawn things I never would have unless someone asked me to specifically and that’s pretty invaluable to broadening my horizons.

What materials do you like to work with the most?

Pen and ink on a few different kinds of paper. I love the look and feel of it and it translates well to screen printing. If I had more time I would experiment with lots of different materials, but with a job and deadlines it’s more convenient to just stick to what I know.


What runs through your mind when working on a piece over many hours?

I’m usually thinking about the next one haha. Truly though when a piece is taking a long time I usually will think of something else or get inspired to work on the next piece. I do enjoy seeing a piece take shape. Almost every time I start a piece I’m convinced it’s going poorly and I should just start over but then it usually works itself out.

How can people contact you if they would like some work done?

You can email me at and visit my tumblr which has all of my work and contact info as well:

Thank you very much for your time, any final thoughts?

Thank you. I just want to say thank you for your interest and good luck with your zine.


Deer & Fox Design


Who is Deer and Fox, and what is it you do?

I’m an illustrator and designer from W.A aspiring to one day be a concept artist for either movies or games.

Do you remember when you first started to draw?

I was never truly interested in drawing growing up, I remember my mum saying I should practice more after she saw a bird I did in year 6 or something, because she noticed I had a natural hand for it. But I was always to interested in either skating, video games or playing speed metal to really delve into it. I only started properly practicing and trying to do this as a living since the middle of ’09. Now I cant stop.


What inspired you to start making a living out of art?

I think what inspired me was looking at all these brilliant concept art pieces on Cg society, and the Imagine FX boards, then I got into Behance network and my eyes were popping out of my skull just looking at how talented some of these people are. A combination of a yearning to be truly good at something and hating my shitty desk job also contributed I think. I just never felt comfortable no matter what I was doing, and Illustration and Design just seemed to be something I wanted to pursue.

What materials do you like to work with?

I’m most comfortable with my trusty .07 mechanical pencil. But i’ve recently started with charcoal and paint as well. But pretty much all of my work so far has been pencil scanned into Photoshop and then done digitally. I’ve had a gold leafing kit sitting in my drawers for a year and a half as well. Gonna have to get onto that pretty soon.


Who are your favourite artists?

Such a hard question dude, I don’t know if I even have a favourite, but I’m usually in awe of anything James Jean, Matthew Woodson, Pale Horse, GodMachine or Ken Taylor. But usually the pieces that really get me are mostly good concept art, like Callum Alexander Watt always makes me sit with my mouth open just thinking WTF? How do you get this legit? But then i also appreciate pretty much all of Jacob Bannons work, that guy has some seriously intense pieces and I actually draw a bit of inspiration out of his stuff as well. Favourite artists is a hard question though, because usually I’m just flicking through boards on CG society or Behance and there is just so, so many people out there with immense talent.


How do you approach a big piece?

I wish I could say I have a process but I don’t. Depending on what it is I might do a bit of research, if its something important I will always get reference pictures just like any other artist. But as for a big piece i just treat it the same as any other, stay loose and try not to stress the details too much.

Does music play an important role in your creative process?

I think so? I don’t know I’m looking at some of my stuff now and I guess it’s influenced by tattoo style layouts and metal, but then some of it has a lot more mood and atmosphere. I just draw whatever I think looks good haha.


What do you like to listen to whilst working on something?

I’m actually more of a T.V show kind of guy, i’ll put on Community or Big Bang theory or something I don’t really have to listen to and its more just background noise. Although lately i’ve been putting on UFC but then that just gets me too excited and I end up just watching it too much, bad for my workflow. If I really want to concentrate though I will always put on either Sunn O))) or something ambient to help me concentrate. I can’t stand listening to anything to heavy or fast it just fucks me up.

How can people contact you to get some work done?

They can contact me through my email, and they can check out what I do at

Thanks for your time, any final thoughts?

Thankyou! My final thought right now is how the fuck am I going to draw Gorgoroth for this assignment I have to do. I need more ravens…and dead trees.