Downfall of Gaia


Who is Downfall of Gaia?
Downfall os Gaia is Dominik ( guitar/vocals), Peter (guitar/vocals), Anton (bass/vocals) and Hannes (drums). We formed in 2008 out of the ashes of our old band.

How did you come up with this name? Does it have a deeper meaning for you?

We tried to choose a name that fits to our lyrics and the topics with which we deal in our songs and a name that describes our music before people heard any of our songs.


How would you describe the Downfall of Gaia sound?

It’s always not that easy to describe our sound to people that never heard it before. I would say a lot of things are coming together when it comes to our sound. Somewhere between doom, black metal, downtempo, sludge, hardcore, post metal and maybe some post rock parts.

Where would you say you draw alot of your influences from?
We are influenced by a lot of stuff. On a musical base all of us are listening to lots of different music as long as it’s good. As i said before – when it comes to downfall of gaia i guess we are influenced by doom, black metal, downtempo, sludge, post rock etc. and we try to combine all of those elements and let them become one.


Do you cover any particular issues in your lyrics? Do you have a message to project?
I wouldn’t say that there is a speacial message that we try to project. Of course all of us are political people and each song or record definitively deals with a topic that is important for us but all of that is written down on a very metaphoric way. so there is enough space for the people to create their own song meaning.

How has the band grown since it’s creation back in 2006 was it?

Anton and me formed this band in 2006 with our first drummer. In 2008 Peter joined and we changed our name and also our musical style changed from that day on. Downfall of Gaia was born. I would say that we developed on a natural way over the years. We grew on a musical base and our shows became more intense. Our songwriting grew and over the years we learned to combine different elements way better as we did before.


Can you give a brief history of the band’s releases up to this point?
Till today we released a demo cd, a split tape with Kazan from france, a tour ep, a full length called „Epos“, s split lp with In The Hearts Of Emperors from sweden and in october we will release our new record, a 2×12 lp /cd called “Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes”.

Are you working on any new material at the moment?
Our new record will be released in october but after that we will start writing new songs as soon as possible.


What can people expect from a new Downfall of Gaia release?
I would say our new record has got the most dynamic that we ever had. We gave those songs more time to grow and combined more influences and elements as we did before. The new record is darker and more aggressiv as our older releases.

Is the live component of Downfall of Gaia an important aspect of the bands existence?
For sure ! Live shows and touring are the most interesting part of being in a band.
We love to hit the road and play shows.


Do you find it difficult to express the mood and depth of recordings live?
Not really. Live is always more intense as a record. We try our best to capture the best possible sound and atmosphere from our records and to integrate it into our live performances.

How would you describe the Downfall of Gaia live experience?

I think i’m not the right person to answer that kind of question. This one belongs to someone that shows up at a show. As i said before – we always try our best to capture sound and atmosphere, the rest belongs to the audience.


What lies in the foreseeable future for you?

The focus is on our new record and touring. Suffocating In The Swarm Of Cranes will be available worldwide on october 9th. After that we will hit russia for a really short tour and besides that more touring is planned for next 2013. we just started talking about some upcoming tours but nothing is confirmed so far.

Thank you very much for your time, any final words?

Thank you very much for doing this interview with us ! It really means a lot that people out there care about the stuff that we do. thanks ! Dominik + Downfall of Gaia




Issue 8

Hello all,

Free Your Mind issue 8 should be out very soon, and it’s a huge moment for me!
I had the opportunity to interview two of the most influential musicians in my life, Fenriz of DARK-motherfucking-THRONE!!, and Alex CF of Fall of Efrafa, Light Bearer and Momentum.
Anyone that knows me well, will know that I have a massive hard-on for Black Metal, and when it comes to BM, Darkthrone is at the top of the pile for me. I even have a Darkthrone tattoo for fuck sake, that’s how lame I am, but anyway, beyond my own love of the band, they deserve some serious recognition, having started way back in the late 80’s, it’s a testament to a band, to have the ability to endure almost 3 decades of musical creativity across what has become quite a wide-spread array of “sounds” and continue to consistently release music. The reason I love Darkthrone so much, is that through all the bullshit that has plagued the black metal scene over all these years, they always focused on the main thing, the fucking music man! Avoiding the politics, the mindless racism, and criminal convictions, they’ve gone on to release 15 albums in 20 odd years, every one of which I own, and love. So this was a big moment for me, and it wasn’t a disappointment, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Alex CF is a fascinating person, and before I’d even spoken to him, I knew there was something so much more to this guy than his music. Bands like Fall of Efrafa and Light Bearer are staples in my musical diet, as they have the ability to captivate, and as lame as it sounds, take me on a journey. He narrative nature of these bands has always intrigued me, and it can say a lot about the mindset of the person who is writing it. So this interview, which ended up being about 5000 words, is the perfect example of the literary ability of this guy, and it’s a great homage to the bands he has created, and continues to create with. If you’re an existing fan, or a new comer, this is definitely not to be missed, enjoy.
As well as these guys, there are interviews with Syndrome, a solo artist from Belgium who is part of the Church of Ra movement in Ghent, much like Amenra, Kingdom etc. He is a member of Amenra, and a very fascinating guy, so it’s a really good conversation.
Also a band from the Australian East Coast called Outright, which is a Female fronted, straight up hardcore band that my good friend Matt Harris conducted an interview with, and it’s a damn good read!
Full of Hell is also featured in this issue, a band that I’ve been heavily into since the “Roots of the Earth are Consuming my Home” record came out a while back, and they have been blowing up big time across the world, so it was awesome to get the chance to speak to those dudes.
As well as the interviews, there are the usual articles and pieces on veganism etc. so there’s plenty for everyone.
If you’re not in Perth, or never see me if you do, head over to the webstore and order a copy, and pick-up the back issues while you’re at it!



Greetings all,
I’ve been a bit quiet lately I know, and a bit has happened since my last post.
But all is good! The monster Issue 666 has been released and looks friggin awesome! A4 is a beast! This was shortly followed by the mini-issue 7 which featured a couple of up and coming local bands from Perth, and is pretty awesome.
I haven’t been able to get to many shows lately, whether it’s money, other commitments or a serious knee injury, shit happens.
But, to make up for the lack of supply in person, and to extend the range of this thing, I have set up a webstore now, so anyone in the world can get a copy of the zine for a damn good price! So go over to and pick-up the back-issue bundles I’ve got up there, which includes Issue 6 and 7 together. Issue 8 is almost done, and is going to be epic!
Peace out.

Issue 6 & 7 coming soon!

Issue 6 for Free Your Mind should be out by the end of the month. It will be an XL issue released in A4.

It will feature interviews with: From Ashes Rise(US), Taipan(AUS), Cloven Hoov(US), Ensorcelor(CAN), Wayfarer(UK), 100 Demons(US), Oblivion(US), Iron Lung(US), Antithetic Records(US), Terzij de Horde(HOL), Wildernessking(RSA), Cattle Decapitation(US), Anchor(SWE), Sectarian Violence(UK/SWE/US), and GhostxShip(US).

Told you it was big!

Issue 7 will be out next month, and is already shaping up to be a massive issue as well, with confirmed interviews with: Full of Hell(US), Syndrome(BEL), Eris(AUS), Worst Possible Outcome(AUS), Coke Bust(US), Downfall of Gaia(US), Light Bearer(UK), Gottesmorder(ITA), Momentum(UK), Carry The Weight Records(UK), Young And In The Way(US), and Vestiges(US). Will a few more to be confirmed.

It’s going to be a big finish to the year for Free Your Mind, so stay posted for more info on releases etc.